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Obscuro Bezango!

Curated by Thomas Rehm

Future Tenant presents Obscuro Bezango!, a body of work by three creators in a little known arena of art called Obscuro Culture. This four-week visual arts exhibit will feature traditional sculpture, outsider sculpture, and Obscuro art and comics all unified by their singularity of vision. In addition to curating the show, Thomas Rehm will display work alongside Maximum Traffic- the assumed name of a prolific artist- and Elmore “Buzz” Buzzizyk. These three unlikely gallery-mates help carry on the underground culture of self published artists and cartoonists that arose in the advent of widely available, inexpensive photocopying, today known as Obscuro art.

Meet the curator and enjoy live music by the duo Pairdown at the opening reception Friday, August 2 from 7-10PM. Admission is free and open to the public. Complimentary drinks will be served thanks to our generous sponsors Straub BeerJack's Hard Cider, and Johnnie Ryan Soda.

Steve Londy Willis, renowned Obscuro cartoonist, will be the guest of honor for the evening to open the show. Willis is perhaps one of the most loved and respected cartoonists in the underground comics scene.  His work, most especially his comic character, Morty Dog, surpasses in quality and creativity most of the mainstream comics that receive syndication.