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Accretion: Window Installation by Julia Betts

Accretion is a life-size, fibrous sculpture made entirely of masking tape. Masking tape initially interested Betts because of its accessibility and affordability, but, while working with the material, it became attractive as a vehicle for repetition. In Accretion, obsessive and meditative actions transform into wild cellular growth that evokes the body. This growth is tempered with the sense of the ephemeral through the perishable nature of the material. Because the adhesiveness of the tape is unstable, the organic forms relax, settle, and, eventually, collapse over time. Physical growth is intertwined with natural degradation and, through this, I am interested in the daily loss and growth of the body--- the body in transition between disembodiment and embodiment.

Julia Betts was born in 1991 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and is now based in Providence, Rhode Island. In April 2014, Betts graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts leaving with eight awards recognizing potential, leadership, and excellence within the Studio Arts department. Since graduating, Betts has exhibited in solo shows at Second Sight Studio in Columbus, Ohio, Unsmoke Systems in Braddock, PA, and Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA. Also, her numerous group exhibitions include "8 Hour Projects: Loss" in Meadville, PA, and "Construct" at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. This year, she completed an artist-in-residence programs at Second Sight Studio and Bunker Projects. She is currently completing an MFA in Sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design.