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Daydreaming Through a Child's Eyes

Daydreaming Through a Child’s Eyes is a solo exhibition by David Calfo, in collaboration with Future Tenant’s AMP’d program. AMP’d is a workshop series that aims to educate two apprentices from North Urban Pathways High School about the field of arts management through hands on experiences.

In this exhibition, Calfo constructs whimsical and interactive toys that pay homage to the imaginings of our youth. The artist’s work explores the line between the mundane and extraordinary; Calfo creates unique pieces from discarded items, illustrating how objects that may be considered garbage to some can be turned into objects of interest, desire, and beauty.

Calfo’s creative use of materials speaks to the inventiveness and ingenuity of childhood. The artist draws on his own memories of beach towel ‘capes’ and sled-like ‘rocket ships’ to bring these flights of fancy to life. Together with the AMP’d apprentices, Calfo will transform Future Tenant into an interactive dreamscape where children and adults alike are free to let their imaginations run wild. 

David Calfo is a self-taught sculptor, painter, and photographer working and living in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. In his home studio he creates works of art from salvaged materials, evoking the steel mill past of his family and this region.

Later Event: June 5
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