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Diamond Eyes, Crystal Visions

"Diamond Eyes, Crystal Visions"


Future Tenant, in collaboration with Three Rivers Arts Festival, announces a new installation: Diamond Eyes, Crystal Visions, featuring individual works by Jessica Fenlon, Xander Marro, and Shana Moulton. The show, at 801 Liberty Avenue in the heart of the Cultural District, centers on each artist’s experimental use of materials in their creation of narrative environments. An opening reception takes place Friday, June 4 from 5:30-7:30pm, with performances by Xander Marro and Shana Moulton starting at 6pm. Gallery talks with the artists take place on Saturday, June 5 at 2:00pm.

Subscription by Jessica Fenlon

Using local newspapers to upholster furniture and cover the surfaces of tables, lamps, cups, and eyeglasses, Jessica Fenlon creates a visual representation of the media’s infiltration into even the most private spaces. As Fenlon’s black-and-white domestic interior ages in the sunlight throughout the exhibition, what at first appears relentless is gradually realized as ephemeral.

Jessica Fenlon received her BFA in studio art at the University of Wisconsin and her MFA in Fine Art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University. A conceptual artist working in a wide variety of media, Fenlon is currently based in Pittsburgh.

The Further Adventures of Lady Long Arms in the Land of Love by Xander Marro

In building the architecture of make-believe, Xander Marro joins the demolition crew working on behalf of utopia, taking sledgehammers to the walls of secular space. Of wood, paint, and fabric, her set is made. Of voice and magical arrangements of electrons, her music is built. In the form of narrative, her philosophy is proposed. In performance, she moves according to the golden proportion, never knowing what the outcome is supposed to be. Her aspiration is certain, however: compassionate love for all living things! How to find it? The great adventure unfolds!

Xander Marro is a member of the Dirt Palace, a feminist art collective located in Providence, RI, where she makes movies, puppet shows, prints and phone calls. Marro participated in last year’s Black Sheep Puppet Festival at the Brewhouse and performed collaboratively in "Birdsongs of the Baharoque" at the 1877 Design Zone, formerly on Penn Avenue.

Decorations of the Mind by Shana Moulton, music by Jacob Ciocci and Aaron Brenner

A multi-media performance created by Shana Moulton that portrays one woman’s quest to find physical and emotional solace in a world that she doesn’t seem to fit into. Between the goofily fantastic and the humiliatingly banal, her adventures veer in a non-linear fashion through actions, videos, and sounds rather than dialogue. In her pursuit of harmony, she wears a therapeutic neck and wrist brace adorned with jewels and fabric that are designed to inspire and awe. They match her outfits and her house, which is filled with mass-produced decorations including fiber optic flowers, table fountains and inspirational posters. Fluctuating between live performance and video, a shifting movement occurs that echoes the main character’s vacillation between reality and fantasy. Ultimately, she overcomes conflict to discover a fractal paradise beyond her wildest dreams.

Shana Moulton’s artistic research has focused primarily on artists that address feminist issues, abject personas, the collision of reality and fantasy, and the influence that popular culture has on personal definition and expression, as well as the mediums of video and multi-media performance. Moulton graduated this spring with an MFA from the College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University. She was awarded a Sprout Fund grant to perform Decorations of the Mind at the Brewhouse last March as part of the AMP performance series.

The Three Rivers Arts Festival, a 45-year-old tradition, bridges artistic style and expression, mixing the contemporary visual arts with live music, theater and dance performances contributing to their year-round cultural commitment in Pittsburgh.

Future Tenant is a project of Carnegie Mellon University and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, located in the heart of the Cultural District. This art space, which features alternative exhibitions and performances by emerging artists from the Carnegie Mellon community and beyond, is managed by a team of students from the Master of Arts Management program, a joint program of Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Fine Arts and the H. John Heinz, III School of Public Policy and Management.


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