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From Philly to Pittsburgh, with Love II

This film screening in association to INVENTORY showcases six "art" films by European masters of the animated short film (Lenica, Svankmajer, Alexieff & Parker) as well as a stunningly edited, fevered cri de coeur from up north, Lipsett’s 21-87. As beautiful as these films are there is a dark, man’s-inhumanity-to-man theme that runs throughout but listen to the Pips, “Everybody needs love.”

The schedule for the films goes as follows: 1) RONDO (1958) by Janusz Majewski 15 min. 2) 21-87 (1963) by Arthur Lipsett 10min. 3) LABIRYNTH (1963) by Jan Lenica 18min. 4) THE FLAT [BYT – orig. Czech title] (1968) by Jan Svankmajer 13 min. 5) BAGS [WOREK – orig. Polish title] (1967) by Tadeusz Wilkosz 8 min. 6) THE NOSE [LE NEZ – orig. French title] (1963) by Alexander Alexeieff & Claire Parker 11 min