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Future Ten

This year is the 11th consecutive year of Future Ten! 

Future Ten is Future Tenant's annual 10-minute play festival. A panel of readers has selected 10 plays from a pool of hundreds of script submissions to be produced and performed within our art space.

Producer: Sandy Murphy
Directors: Kevin Carol, Alex Frantz, Joe Hill, Justin Sines, and Michael Young 

Show Info:
Weekend 1: October 24, 25
Weekend 2: October 31, November 1, November 2

Show Hours:
October 24 Opening reception: 7 - 10 pm
October 25 Performance: 8 - 10 pm
October 31 Halloween Party: 7 - 10 pm
November 1 Performance: 8 - 10 pm
November 2 Special added matinee performance: 2 - 4 pm 

Cost: $10
(Tickets can be purchased at the door or online)

Selected Plays include:

"The Writer" by Chip Bolcik
Two lovers meet in a café and realize they are characters in a play.

"First Rites" by Joanna Piucci
A young passenger on a journey must find love and courage in a world where rivers have no bridges.

"Greener Grass" by Drew Davis
Suburban America turns Wild West as a love triangle construct murderous plots.

"If We Knew Then" by Matt Stabile
A young couple uses a new technology to uncover each other's secrets.

"Panacea" by Jack J. Berry
Television commercials come to life while one unlucky viewer just tries to unwind.

"Pee Buddies" by Shane Murphy
Two men explore the classic dilemma of using the urinal with friends.

"Proposition 324" by Tina L. Bubonovich
Three modern-day zombies living together in an anti-zombie society set out to deft their stereotypical world by introducing a proclamation for equal rights.

"Savage Lands" by Timothy Ruppert
Quickly unraveling correspondence between two 18th century sisters proves that in spite of cordiality, sibling rivalry is timeless.

"Talkback" by Jo Morello
Young William Shakespeare is subjected to harsh criticism through the use of grant-sponsored technology.

"The Weird Sisters" by Adam Esquenazi Douglas
Two witches well-acquainted with most of the witchly canon discover their brother has made a very significant change.

Earlier Event: October 11
Second Annual Downtown Film Night
Later Event: November 7