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Mobile Sculpture Vehicle Laboratories

Mobile Sculpture Vehicle Laboratories

January 20: Opening Event, 6-9 pm

January 27: Cultural Trust Gallery Crawl, 5-9 pm

February 10: Closing

Lauch’s interests in sociology, experimentation, rites of passage, ritual, and alchemy have interacted to support his current investigations into the world of visual artwork. His combinations of materials and purpose have been inspired by the hybridized societies now formed in both Europe and America. Like the unique cultures forming, Lauch’s new, eclectic aesthetic traverses the boundaries between the conventional and the absurd.

The different pieces in “Mobile Sculpture Vehicle Laboratories” have previously been activated in public spaces, traversing both architectural and natural elements in their efforts to complete their distinctive and bizarre activities. These mobile works of art create questions and wonderment in passersby through their absurdity, humor, mystery, and romanticism.

While at Future Tenant, “Mobile Sculpture Vehicle Laboratories” will work its magic in a new environment- one that is more personal and intimate. Lauch will investigate, through his creations, the transformations possible through the use of potential and kinetic energies, and bring a quirky sense of magic to a new audience.

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