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OHM Future Tenant Robotics Art Show


Future Tenant Robotics Art Show


Nov. 18, 2005 5-9pm (opening reception)

Nov. 19, 2005 5-9pm (artist talks and closing party)

Future Tenant is hosting OHM, a two-day exhibition of student work from the Robotic Art Studio, an experimental and interdisciplinary class offered in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University. The Robotic Art Studio explores the conceptual, technical and cultural aspects of robotic art works. The class focuses on the development of artistic concepts and their technical and visual realizations.

OHM is a “best of” collection from the Fall 05 Robotic Art Studio. It features a broad range of robotic art works that challenge the traditional idea of the robot. Based on custom designed electronic circuits, all the presented works show a creative approach to merging technology with sculptural elements. From things that blink, beep and bounce to robotic systems, OHM not only invites us to discover unusual robots, but the individual projects also provide us with a mirror in which to see ourselves.

OHM features works by: Eunice Choi, Bruce Colwell, Amisha Gadani, Gunnhildur Jonsdottir, Sarah Kim, Michael Kontopoulos, Francisca Lee, Nathan Lee, Amos Levy, Melissa Ludowise, Jonny Minard, Judy Tsai and Asa Watten. The opening reception on Friday Nov. 18 th features advanced sound engineering by the CMU Turntable Crew and the band My Cardiologistperforms on Saturday November 19 th for the closing party after the artist talks. The concept for this exhibition was developed by Prof. Fabian Winkler. OHM was made possible in part by the kind support of the Carnegie Mellon’s Masters of Arts Management program and Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art. Future Tenant is a project of Carnegie Mellon University and The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, located in the heart of the Cultural District. This art space, which features alternative exhibitions and performances by emerging artists from the CMU community and beyond, is managed by a team of students from the Masters of Arts Management program, a joint program of CMU’s Heinz School of Public Policy and Management and the College of Fine Arts.

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