Future Tenant's Advisory Board functions similarly to a Board of Trustees at a larger nonprofit. However, only Executive Board members have full voting rights. The Advisory Board provides advice, guidance and special expertise to the staff, and helps Future Tenant develop and maintain important connections in the Pittsburgh community.


Executive Board

Jerry Coltin, Faculty Advisor - Master of Arts Management Program, CMU

Brett Crawford, Assistant Teaching Professor - Master of Arts Management Program, CMU

Kathryn Heidemann, Director - Master of Arts Management Program, CMU

Dan Martin, Dean - College of Fine Arts, CMU



Diana Avart, Program Assistant - The Sprout Fund

Kryn Hoyer-Winfield, Project Development Specialist- Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh

Louis Kroeck, Associate Attorney - Anstandig, McDyer & Yurcon, P.C., Attorneys at Law

Jamie Leonardi, Marketing Manager- Gateway to the Arts

Brenda Miller, Marketing Director - VisitPittsburgh

Marta Anyse Napoleone, Blogger - "Marta on the Move"

Kelsey Small, Financial Manager - Carnegie Museum of Art

Laura McDermit, Manager of Social and Entrepreneurial Experiences - Carnegie Museum of Art

Emily Rybinski-Benish, Director of Marketing & Communications - Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts, School of Music