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Interested in hosting a private party, workshop, or another type of special event? Future Tenant's space on 819 Penn Avenue is available for short-term rental. Future Tenant has tables and chairs on hand that rental clients are welcome to use.


Individual: $30/hr

Not-For-Profit Organization: $30/hr

For-Profit Organization: $50/hr

*Please note that set-up and clean-up time are included in the rental period. Events longer than 4 hours may be subject to additional Special Event rates. Furthermore, extensive set-up or preparation performed by Future Tenant Staff, or use of Future Tenant's equipment may result in additional charges.

To get in touch with us about renting our space, please complete and submit the form below. Please include in your message:

  1. The type of event you are interested in hosting
  2. The date, time and length of the proposed rental
  3. An estimate of attendance (including staff and supporting individuals)
  4. The number of power outlets or other electrical/equipment related needs

You can expect to hear back from Future Tenant staff within 3 business days.

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