A unique quality of Future Tenant is that the entire staff of the organization changes each year. The staff turnover takes place at the beginning of May, coinciding with the end of the spring semester at Carnegie Mellon University. This is because all staff members are graduate students at CMU, pursing a Master of Arts Management degree from the H. John Heinz III College of Public Policy & Management.

Part of the reason Future Tenant was created is to provide a learning opportunity for CMU's arts-managers-in-training to gain hands on experience running a real space. The Arts Management program at CMU is a two-year degree - at Future Tenant, first-year students have the opportunity to apply to work as a Manager, whereas second-year student can apply for a Director's position.

All Managers and Associate Directors at Future Tenant work on a part-time basis, balancing their responsibilities at Future Tenant with their graduate studies. The Executive Director's position is unique because it is the only year-round full-time staff position at Future Tenant.


Current Staff Members for 2019-2020

Sarika Sanyal, Program Director

EJ Chiu, Associate Director of Operations

Gabriela Latta, Associate Director of Communications and Digital Media

Leslie Donaldson, Faculty Advisor


You can contact any of our staff by emailing us at <> or by filling out our Contact Us Form.