Future Tenant provides a laboratory setting for artists, arts managers and audiences to explore the limits of the creative expression, presentation and interpretation of various art forms. 


It is the vision of Future Tenant to become Pittsburgh’s destination for innovative artistic experiences from across all visual, literary and performing disciplines. The Pittsburgh audience will know that wherever Future Tenant gathers a group of artists, there can be found a constantly changing menu of vibrant, provocative new work. Patrons will clamor to learn of the next program, and emerging artists will fervently apply for the chance to launch their career through a show at Future Tenant. Carnegie Mellon students will compete for the opportunity to kick start their own careers through a complete management experience at Future Tenant. 


In our artistic and managerial decisions, the staff and board of Future Tenant value: 

  • All disciplines of artistic expression 
  • Public understanding and education of new artists and art forms 
  • Emerging artists 
  • A provocative, thoughtful, timely and contemporary aesthetic 
  • A laboratory setting, where artistic and creative risk-taking and innovation are the norm 
  • Professional attitudes 
  • A sense of determination to understand, employ and evaluate the administration and management of art forms 
  • A community of art appreciators and artists as audience members and patrons 
  • Professional development for artists and arts managers
  • Transparent and effective communication between artists and managers of the artistic and administrative process 
  • Diversity representation in our artists, staff and audience 

Our Space

A unique quality of Future Tenant, which inspired our name, is that we are not permanently located anywhere. Our current space is at 819 Penn Avenue, where we have been operating for several years. Our building is donated by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust as part of an effort to re-invigorate the Downtown Cultural District of Pittsburgh. We are proud and thankful for our current space, but we could be moved to a new location at any time. This characteristic of our organization inspires us to focus on innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking when selecting artists to be featured in our programming calendar.