Future Ten 2013: A Showcase of the Past Decade

October 18-19 & 25-26 | 8 PM

“Future Ten 10: A Showcase of the Past Decade” 10-minute Play festival will be held at 8PM on October 18-19 and 25-26 at Future Tenant

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Future Tenant’s annual 10-minute play festival, Future Ten, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. To commemorate a decade of showcasing local talent and vibrant new work, producers Brad Stephenson and Fred Betzner dug deep into the Future Ten archives and selected eight of Future Ten’s best submissions of all-time. In collaboration with Brad and Fred, local directors John Lane, Don DiGiulio, Todd Betker, and Joanna Lowe have brought together a remarkable ensemble of local actors to perform in this special best-of production.  

The eight selected plays for Future Ten 10 are:

Don't Ask Don't Tell by Gayle Pazerski - A pair of Civil War reenactors find out that the battlefields of yore were just as fraught with sexual tension and misunderstandings as those of today. 

Intermezzo by Robert Isenberg On an evening out at the opera, a couple finds themselves at a crossroads in their relationship. 

Purgatoriography by Joe Lyons - Two unlikely companions try to help each other pass some time and make sense of a surprisingly boring afterlife. 

Four Senses of Love by Arthur M. Jolly - Two people who have lost their senses of taste and touch find love and understanding. 

Post-Script by Robert Isenberg - A play that sheds light on what happens to an action movie hero after the closing credits roll.

The Unbearable Lightness of Eating by Joe Lyons - Finally, a play that celebrates the unsung heroes in the world of competitive eating. Ponchos will be provided for audience members seated in the "Splash Zone."

12 Sided Die by Fred Betzner - A group of friends gather around a game of Dungeons and Dragons to tell a tale of love, loss, and letting go. With wizards. And also Mountain Dew.  

When I do the Hoochy Coochy in the Sky by Gayle Pazerski - After moving to a new town, a young couple answers a classified ad as they try to seek new friends and experiences. 

All eight 10-minute plays will be performed at 8PM each night of the run, which spans October 18-19 and 25-26.  Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door for $10.  

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